Lawn Care & Maintenance Services

Lawn Care Includes:

  • Mowing
  • Yard cleanup – both ongoing and seasonally
  • Yard maintenance

We are very flexible and responsive to your needs. If you just need a monthly service – we are here for you. If you want a weekly yard service we can handle that too. Feel free to chat with us and tell us your needs. We will be sure to meet your expectations and guarantee your satisfaction!

Seasonal Lawn Care

Winterizing your lawn

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Georgina was very thorough in caring for my lawn. She was dependable, conscientious, and professional. I would recommend her highly.


Here in Portland and Vancouver seasonal lawn care is very important. Our lawns need to be “winterized” in the fall so that they are beautiful in the spring.

Winterizing a lawn includes using the correct fertilizer for winter. Spreading it evenly over the entire lawn for support of the roots during our wet winters. Aerating is also necessary. This provides extra air and drainage for the grass roots. Healthy roots brings healthy grass in the spring. Another step is to spread cool weather grass seed. Scatter it over your existing lawn evenly.  51 States, LLC can provide this service for you.

Another seasonal lawn service is removing leaves. If you have a yard with a lot of leaf-bearing trees, then you know removal of the leaves is important. Allowing the leaves to remain on the lawn will suffocate that grass as well as make the soil acidic as the leaves break down.

Reviving your lawn in the Spring

Lawns need some special attention after a long, wet winter. Now is the time to aerate to let your lawn breathe. Eliminate weeds that may have shown up as well. Pulling the weeds also loosens up the soil. Spring lawns also need just the top trimmed off. Mowing it too short will damage your lawn. Spring is also the time to feed your lawn. It can be done organically by using mulching mowers or chemically.

51 States lawn care service can do all these things for you. Let us take care of your lawn so it becomes the talk of the neighborhood.

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